International work

We welcome you to the world of portraits, caricatures, paintings, sculptures, all representing art in it’s purest form!
We are a team of artists that want to give you an unforgetable experience in the world of quality drawings, where photoshop is replaced by manual talent and hard work. We make portraits, caricatures, oil paintings, sculptures, wedding invitations or special custom made drawings, and we always put quality first! These represent the perfect present for your loved one, friend’s birthdays, an irony adressed to the boss, the ideal surprise for the holidays and at any time a nice and pleasant memory.

Ofcourse, we have hundreds more works that can be viewed at and

Because we care for your opinion, before shipping the final work (be it scan or original of the potrait, caricature, wedding invitation or the painting) you can see a skecth of it in order to observe the direction of the work and to sugest us changes if there is a need for them.

Our artists are among the best in Romania, and their talent in their line of work has been recognised abroad as well, and here we would like to mention especially our lead artist, Alin Bogătean, who had various paintings exposed in collections in England, Italy, Spain, Germany and even at the “Salon des artistes independants” and “Saint Laurent de Bredevent” castle.

For more details about the portraits, caricatures and the rest of the work we do, the payment and shipping details, please visit our pages , and contact us at

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